Events & Experiences

Connecting with your audience in person is a big deal. Setting yourself apart from the competitors is vital in the success of your brand and event. CTG partners with events to provide full service creative solutions from concept to completion, to help you create a long lasting impact on your audience.​


the Look

No matter a tournament, camp, meet & greet or fundraiser, we work with you to create a branded experience for your event that will WOW your attendees. We are made up of forward-thinking designers, media producers, and creative strategists that love the challenge of starting with a blank canvas, and partnering with you to produce a visually appealing and memorable event. 


Capabilities include: 

  • Event Brand Identity
  • Audiovisual, Technical, and Creative Design
  • Destination Management & Signage
  • Banners, Posters & Decals
  • Awards & Prizes
  • Merchandise & Product Design

the Hype

The hype, is the promotional campaign we help you launch! You want your audience to be excited about your event from the beginning to the end! Let us collaborate with you to create a impactful promotional rollout for your event. 

Offerings include: 

  • Event Website
  • Social Media Promo Campaign
  • Content & Media 
  • Innovative Concepts & Competitions
  • Sponsorship & Partnership Proposals

the Impact

Your event should leave a positive and memorable impression on your audience! Let us focus on the creative impact and event-goer experience, while you focus on the making sure the organization and structure is on target. Together we can ensure your event is the talk of the industry. 

Capabilities include: 

  • Brand Activation 
  • Micro-Events & Activities
  • Entertainment & Guests
  • Media Production

The Impression​

Impressions are critical in setting the tone, the mood, and the energy of your event & audience. Having a strategic plan for your event that aims to leave a memorable impression on your guests, give you the opportunity to set expectations, get everyone on the same page and generate excitement about the activities and experience they’ll enjoy at your event. 

*Creating a branded environment and consistent event system gives your attendees builds brand loyalty. 

Offerings include: 

  • Audience Connection Strategies
  • Organization Systems & Templates
  • Pre, Mid & Post event Campaign
  • Interactive & Engagement

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